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For scrap metal collection in Tiverton, contact us for speedy, environmentally friendly and professional solutions. We provide a wide range of scrap metal collection services to clients based close by and in the nearby locations. We carry out projects for residential clients, however we also carry out work for commercial and industrial clients. You can rest assured that every one of our collection and clearance services are overseen by experts that have over twenty years of industry experience. As a result, you can have total confidence that your project will be dealt with responsibly and efficiently. We provide our customers with complete services, from site clearance and metal collection to vehicle collection services. Moreover, we offer our clients great prices for their metals, including copper and brass, and we recycle items wherever possible. Give us a call to make any additional enquiries or to arrange a service.

About Us

We recycle a broad variety of items, from computers and laptops through to vehicle batteries, circuit boards and more. We provide customers with great prices for their metals, copper, brass and batteries. Whether you have unwanted metals, items or appliances, our company has a waste carrier license, so you can put your trust in us to provide legal and expert solutions.

What We Do

Our services include, though are not restricted to:

Responsible Scrap Metal Collection

Here at our company, we offer responsible scrap metal collection, so make us your No.1 choice for getting rid of unwanted materials.

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To book a scrap metal collection service, give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect and recycle nonferrous metals. Because non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, they can be recycled indefinitely without losing their quality. Because of their resistance to rust and corrosion, these metals are extremely valuable in the construction industry. Heat resistance, lightness, and malleability are also features. Copper, brass, aluminium, and nickel are among these metals. These metals are necessary for the production of everyday items, and recycling them is good for the environment. So, contact us right now to learn more about what we accept.

Repurposing old materials into new products in an environmentally friendly manner is known as recycling. Metal recycling is no exception, but sending your old metals to a certified recycler has several environmental benefits. Recycling metals consumes fewer natural resources than ore mining. Because the purification and smelting processes emit harmful greenhouse gases, it will also help to reduce carbon emissions. Finally, you can lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste you send to the landfill.

Metal recycling is popular because the metal’s quality never deteriorates. This is not only efficient, but also cost-effective, particularly for business owners. To speed up the melting process, the metal is classified and piled together before being recycled. It is then moulded into new items while still molten. It not only helps the environment, but it also saves energy and reduces landfill waste.

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